A huge credit goes to all helping in organizing and supporting GeoUtrecht 2020 from 21-26th of August which had more than 620 participants from 54 countries with a lot of focus on early career researchers and their needs. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received indicates that the interactive virtual conference is considered a great success by the vast majority of participants. Allow us to share just one of these comments we saw with you:

"I’d like thank you (and all the others in the team) for the tremendous efforts you have both made to create such an amazing event. It really sets a new quality benchmark for online conferences. I had my doubts, but I am now convinced that such an event, although it will likely not fully replace live events, has a place in the future. The benefits of allowing many more people to attend at low cost from all over the world and with a low carbon footprint will undoubtedly help stimulate geotechnical knowledge sharing and idea generation."

We would also like to compliment the outstanding set of presentations which we all saw during the virtual field trip day, the conference events and in the four parallel scientific sessions. We heard 12 public and plenary talks from John Howell, Martin Ecclestone, Michiel Van den Broeke, Gösta Hoffmann, Karen Hanghøj, Daniel Palmowski, Maarten Kleinhans, Massimo Cocco, Emanuel Kästle, Jelle Reumer, Wilco Hazeleger and Helen Glaves. They highlighted some key challenges involving geoscientists now and in the future, like climate change, impact of sea level fluctuations on deltas and coastlines, the energy transition, digitalization and management of digital geological data which is increasing on an exponential scale. At the same time, we also learned about new insights into geology like around the subducting slabs beneath the Alps and much more.

We certainly hope that the GeoUtrecht 2020 conference triggers good memories with you for a long time. It will do so with us. Thanks again and see you at GeoKarlsruhe 2021.


Jürgen Grötsch and Liviu Matenco


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